At the North Shore Center for Weight Management, we will help you overcome your struggles with eating, body image, and weight control.

Dr. Brad Saks is a weight management expert who has helped thousands of individuals for over 20 years. He is board certified in Cognitive Therapy, an active, collaborative, and research-based method of training people to better understand how their patterns of thought lead to unhealthy eating and exercise behavior, and how to use their thinking to eat healthier, exercise more, and cope more effectively around food. He is a seasoned health psychologist who provides state-of-the-art services through his private practice, and is on faculty at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. He also serves on the Advisory Board of Livongo Health.

Dr. Saks provides weight management coaching and psychological services for eating disorders at two office locations, serving both Chicago’s North Shore and downtown.

Contact Dr. Saks today to learn how he can help you manage your relationship with food, stick to an exercise plan, and improve your body image, allowing you to take control — and be the best you can be.

Services include:

  • Weight management coaching
  • Assessment and treatment for binge eating disorder
  • Assessment and treatment for bulimia nervosa
  • Assessment and treatment for night eating syndrome
  • Assessment and treatment for body image disturbance or body dysmorphic disorder
  • Pre- and post- bariatric surgery psychological and behavioral care
  • Referrals for medical nutrition therapy with a registered dietitian
  • Referrals for medication management with a specialized physician
  • Referrals for physician-supervised very low calorie diets
  • Referrals for exercise specialists